Super awesome time with Jake Houvenagle

Jake came over tonight and help take the site to a new level. He basically offered up his body for unlimited punishment. Katie took a lot of video from the night, so I’ll make a highlight real if anyone missed it. I think about 2,000 shots were fired just this evening. (mostly Jake) And a lot of them landed thanks to our friend Wild Turkey. =)

It’s time for bed….

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Horrible nights sleep!

I didn’t sleep good last night. Actually, I didn’t really sleep at all. It was very humid in and the paintballs are so loud when they hit the wall. Tonight I’m wearing ear plugs and wrapping my eyes with a blindfold to block out the light.

The gun had some issues last night. The intimidator is electronic and automatically shuts off after 30+ minutes if not fired. Also, I think it has a small leak down the barrel causing the first shot to be a little weak if nothing has been fired for 15+ minutes. With normal use, these aren’t really problems since it normally fires around 23 balls per second and is constantly in use.

Anyways, I’m looking for a work around and hope to have it fixed for tonight. Thanks to everyone who bought shots and kept me up. =)

btw, Jake Houvenagle will be the special guest for tonight. He should be here around 7pm CST. Light him up!

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Day 7… the day of face shots

Today is the first day I’m staying on 24 hours. It went super smooth and the site is starting to go viral. Shomoney wrote a short blog about it and a fellow from the Chicago Sun Times is going to do a short write up on the site.

I probably got shot close to 200 times today… I’ve adjusted to all the rib and bum shots but face shots are an entirely different story. I only wore the half mask for a about 30 minutes in the evening and some of the more pro shooters took advantage landing about 30 shots to the neck, hands and face shots. Not to mention, they ruined a perfectly good drink. No major damage though, just intense burst of pain.

I’m going to attempt to sleep in a little bit. It should be interesting…. =)

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Jeremy from posted a promo video I did for his site. Shoemoney is very well respected in the world of webmasters and it’s cool that he liked the vid. You can see the post here.

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Day 5!!!

I really enjoyed myself today. It’s a lot more interesting when users get the hang of the controls and land some shots. It still hurts the same, but it keeps me busy and users seem to enjoy it.

I got an entire segment on The Point this afternoon. (local station in St. Louis) Shoutout to Thom and Jeff. Conrad recorded it and mailed it to me as a ’special gift’. You can listen to it here here.

The new Flash player is finally ready… So far, its had 0 lag in testing. Hopefully it will take the site to the next level. Thanks again for everyones support. See ya tomorrow bright and early.

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The fun of Days 3 & 4

Day 3 was actually a little bigger than day 4. A lot of people from Ebaums world were on the site and bought around 500 shots, which they methodically placed all over my body. So far around 4,000 shots have been fired. Combined traffic adds up to 6,000 people. Not bad for zero promotion.

I’d have to give the best shots for both days to Crad. He’s pretty good at anticipating what I’ll do next and landing 4 to 5 rounds at a time. I’ve got a ton of welts! I’m not complaining though. I’m the moron who built the site and I knew what I was getting in to. However, I did anticipate building a tolerance to the pain, something that hasn’t happened yet. Each landed shot feels like a switch lash from an angry Grandma. See everyone tomorrow at 10am.

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Day 1!

I got a decent amount of traffic today. I figured there would be more errors, but overall everything seems to be working smoothly. Just a few small things to fix. My nipples are burning! Hoiuvenagle shot them 3 times over a couple of minutes… and that was before the crosshair was live. I’m not much of a blogger, maybe I’ll get a little better at it as time goes on. Thanks for using the site.

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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